Welcome to Aware Mobility, an organization focused on the rapidly emerging ecosystem borne from the blending of the network economy and the transportation industry.


We see profound change fast approaching.

The injection of innovation, connected technology, smart cities and open vehicle architectures will make today’s automobile industry unrecognizable in a matter of years.

A user-based, V2X, autonomous, connected Mobility Ecosystem is emerging, replacing today’s OEM-centric, tiered, commodity-built market. Companies that will flourish in this new realm will have the courage to reinvent current business models and market channels, and embrace a new way of doing business.

Aware Mobility is preparing for the Mobility Ecosystem by fostering collaboration, innovation and business relationships with companies of every size that share the spirit of and optimism for the new business model. We engage our unique mix of multi-industry experience, vision, connections and global resources to collaborate with, invest in and develop these companies.

If you support our vision, we'd love to hear from you.



Automotive technology executive with nearly 30 years of providing strategic leadership to global companies.


Veteran R&D and innovation leader with 100+ patents; focused on helping leading organizations solve their most difficult technical problems.

Focus Areas


Engage and drive progress toward the Mobility Ecosystem and new mobility industry.

Offer counsel on strategic business decisions, new business models and investment opportunities.

Encourage dialog and thought leadership for thriving in the new economy.


Supply capital resources to Mobility Ecosystem companies for approved projects in key markets and technology areas:

  • consumer
  • light vehicle
  • commercial
  • interfacing infrastructure


Provide strategic observations.

Develop market value analyses.

Create resulting product development plans.

Pursue patents (five issued since founding in January 2016) and licensing for technologies of Ecosystem companies.


FCA – Google Collaboration

FCA and Google announced a small collaboration to deploy 100 Chrysler Pacificas with full autonomous driving capability. The press’s response is at least as interesting as the event itself.  > read more

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